Fiona has received some wonderful feedback, here are a few examples...

  • “…thank you for conducting the funeral service so sympathetically. It would have been difficult with just an ordinary celebrant who had no interest in music. A non-musician wouldn’t have had the sympathy and understanding and so many people have commented on this…” Mrs C.I.
  • “The whole service was absolutely beautiful, I can't thank you enough. To have someone so warm and kind, thoughtful and perceptive with us, getting Dad just ‘right’ when of course, you hadn't 'known' him, was so very much appreciated. I know Mum felt the same. Thank you so much, Fiona.” Mrs. N.C.
  • “We really appreciated your help and guidance and the tone of the service was absolutely perfect.” Mr T.E.
  • “Grandad’s service was absolutely perfect. I loved the words in the Committal, they said it all.” Mr B.S.
  • “It was a lovely service, so many people said how wonderful it was and that they had discovered so many parts to him they never knew. I don’t think he could have had a better send off, it was just right. Many, many thanks.”. Mrs. J.M
  • "It was great that you came back to the house; it made the whole service seem very personal and for someone who had never met my father you got the tenor absolutely right.” Mr J.B.
  • “…you’ve done a fantastic job for the family…" Mr. P.L.
  • “Thank you so much Fiona, It is such a well thought out piece which captures my wife’s spirit perfectly. Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart, this is exactly what we wanted.” Mr. D.T.
  • “…thank you for everything you’ve done for us, it has taken off all the pressure…” Mrs. L.A.
  • “…that was a wonderful tribute to my amazing sister…” Mr. S.S.
  • “…many thanks for the lovely service yesterday. We all made it home safely last night. We will gradually come to terms with the loss of Sandra and that process started yesterday with your help. Thank you so much Fiona.” Mr. C.M.
  • “Thank you for listening. Just being able to talk about Dave was really therapeutic and helped me no end.” Ms. E.J.
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